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Tiny wireless color security/spy camera +2.5" tft lcd

What is for sale: Tiny wireless color security/spy camera +2.5" tft lcd
Tiny Wireless Screw Nail Color Security/Spy Camera Kit
All our product have been checked and packaged in good condition.
If the item is defected by the processing of postage , we are pleasure to replace a same item for you within 30 days of purchase at our discretion.
1 X Wireless Color Pinhole Video Camera
1 X 2.5 inch TFT Color Handheld Monitor with Receiver
1. This handheld system is ideal for covert operation. The slim and compact design made it easily to carry around in your pocket. 4 AAA batteries can power the monitor for 20-30 minutes.Camera can last for 8 hours?on one 9 volt battery
3.This package also included a AV cable for connection to your VCR (or TV) for recording. If you have a DVR card or video capture card stalled in your PC you can record the colour video directly to your hard disk
Major parameters Specification:
Up to 50 m /150 feet line-of-sight
8 hours on one 9 volt Duracell or Energizer battery
Battery or AC-DC Power Adapter
20-30 Minutes on 4 x AAA batteries
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Tiny wireless color security/spy camera +2.5