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Kubota RC60-92 operators manual - we have other manuals

What is for sale: Kubota RC60-92 operators manual - we have other manuals
Kubota RC60-92 Operators Manual
A must have item for any long term Kubota equipment owner! This hardcopy printed manual contains all of the illustrations, charts, diagrams and descriptions you would expect to see from professional Kubota literature.
The manual is in hardcopy printed format and like most of Kubota's operators manuals, is around 40-50 pages in length.
* outlines equipment specifications
* provides an overview of safety procedures and equipment controls
* details fluid types, levels and capacities
* details suggested maintenance schedule
* covers off light-duty maintenance repairs and troubleshooting
* details wiring diagrams (if applicable)
* demonstrates implement hookup and removal (if applicable)
* not a replacement for a service manual, but a good supplement to one
SPECIAL: 3 for price of 2 package
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