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New 120" bending roll, birmingham rh-1005 dou

What is for sale: New 120" bending roll, birmingham rh-1005 dou
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120" NEW BENDING ROLL, Birmingham RH-1005 Dou
120" NEW BENDING ROLL, Birmingham RH-1005 Dou
New "Birmingham" Double Pinch Hydraulic Plate Roll
Note: the photo is of model RH-1006 (10' x 1/4" cap)
Mild Steel Capacity: 10' x 6 Ga. (0.1943”)
Roll Length x Diameter: 10' x 9"
Packing Size: 163” x 45” x 53”
- Hydraulic circuits fully protected against overload.
- All three rolls driven independently and hydraulically.
- Hydraulic pinch adjustment for two lower rolls.
- Each lower roll is equipped with an easy-reading LED indicator to
show its reference position to the operator.
- Hydraulic pinch adjustment can be easily adjusted from the LED
- A Portable controller for moving around the machine for making
rolls forward/reverse/pinch adjustment conveniently.
- All rolls are made of top grade alloy steel hardened up to HRC55!
- Spherical roller bearings, which are very high quality made and
sealed-in to keep out dirt and dust, are installed for all rolls.
- The Planetary Reduction Gear and Pump outputs higher torque,
driving the rolls powerfully and smoothly.
- The Rolls are also manufactured in a camber design to compensate
for any distortion of the rolls from pressure during the bending
process - this design can avoid having finished cylinders in a convex
- The drop end is tilted hydraulically at the outboard end of the top
roll journal for easy removal of the finished work piece.
- The drop end is strongly constructed and made to eliminate any
twisting tendency of the drop end resulting from bending forces.
- Infinitely variable roll rotation speed.
Machine Location: HARRISON, NJ
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