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Pro warrington 3007 10" structural boot. size: 6E

What is for sale: Pro warrington 3007 10" structural boot. size: 6E
Style 3007 (10") have genuine sloped side seams with one piece back stay/pull tab/outside counter pocket, and water repellent, polishable leather. Fire suppression personnel will appreciate safety features such as electrical hazard rated soles, safety toes, bottom penetration resistance barrier, steel shank and quick donning and doffing features. See below for specific details on the construction and materials in these boots.
* Waterproof/Breathable CROSSTECH® Footwear fabric bootie system with Cambrelle®, a highly absorbent lining that will not support the growth of bacteria.
* Comfortable and flexible American top binding is ultra soft so you'll never have undue chafing on your calves.
* Kevlar® Aramid/Nomex® panels and gusset for fire retardancy and improved breathability.
* Sloped side seam and wraparound back stay/counter pocket put more support in the ankle area where it is needed most.
* Top Grade Military AB water resistant leather for outstanding durability and comfort.
* Slip resistant tread design and exclusive sole compound provide outstanding abrasion, thermal and chemical-resistant properties.
* Double stitched reinforced soles.
* Dual function closure system for enhanced ankle support and fit plus zipper for rapid donning and doffing.
* Oblique shaped safety toe matches the natural contour of the foot for greater comfort.
* Re-enforced scuff-resistant toe.
* Corrosion resistant steel ladder shank and stainless steel, puncture resistant bottom plate.
* Exceeds NFPA 1971, 2000 edition.
Stock is limited as these models are no longer in production due to the new NFPA 2007 edition standards. Our stock was bought directly from the Pro Warrington Factory, as such, what we have available is all that is left!!!
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