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54720D 4 gsa/s 1.1 ghz bandwidth (beats infinnium)

What is for sale: 54720D 4 gsa/s 1.1 ghz bandwidth (beats infinnium)
1. Slots 1 and 2 have a single 54721A (4GSa/s 1.1 GHz bandwidth 50 ohm plug-in )
2. Slot3 has a 54712A (2GSa/s 1.1 GHz bandwidth 50 ohm input)
3. Slot4 has a 54712A (2GSa/s 1.1 GHz bandwidth 50 ohm input)
4. You also get a user manual, and one each 54701A active probe. The probe comes as shown without extra accessories.
Be sure to read my discussion on probing.....
I am a qualified Engineer/Technician. I have replaced and tested both the floppy and the battery. It has firmware Rev 4.07 Boot 1.1. I have calibrated both the frame and the plug-ins. This is a great high performance troubleshooter. With 1 active probe, it is ready to use. It passes all self-tests. What you see in the gallery photo is what you get.
* The 54720A/D has a color graded display (Great for jitter measurements)
* Equivalent and real time sampling
* Math functions, Auto measurements, FFT, Mask, Limit test, Histogram
* 8 Bit A/D with 12 bit vertical resolution equivalent time averaged.
* 30 ps time-interval accuracy (equivalent time)
* ± 25-ps time-interval accuracy (real time)
* Complex triggering, advanced logic triggering, 500 ps glitch capture,
* 2.5-GHz, 0.6-pF active probing 54701A
* 3.5-inch, MS-DOS-compatible disk drive
* A memory bar display helps navigate waveforms captured in memory.
Plug-in Selection and Characteristics (w 1:1 probe)
v Channel Bandwidth depends on the plug-in chosen. The mainframe bandwidth limit is 1.3GHz in the 54720A or 2 GHz in the 54720D. The plug-ins provide signal conditioning, attenuation, or amplification, to present a properly scaled signal to the A/D converters into FISO memory in the mainframe.
v Channel Sample rate depends on the plug-in selected. 2GSa/s A/D converters with FISO memory are in the mainframe behind each of the 4 slots. 2 slots can be interleaved to achieve 4GSa/s (54721A), and 4 slots interleave for 8GSa/s (54722A). Interleaving extends memory depth. See the table above for memory depth information…..
v User adjustable sample rate lets the user decide how much time span to capture. Behind each A/D converter there is 16K of memory in the 54720A, and 64K of memory in the 54720D. So if the user lowers the default sample rate, capture time is extended.
v Probes!! The higher freq plug-ins are 50 ohms input only. They will require an active probe (54701A) or resistive divider probe like the 54006A for general trouble shooting. (50 Ohms would overload most circuits.)
v The 54713A and 54714A are good general purpose plug-ins. They have selectable 50 ohm or 1Meg BNC inputs for normal passive probes. (like the 54503A series scopes) They use normal 10400 series 10:1 probes.
v Sensitivity is limited on the 50 Ohm plug-ins and some plug-ins do not have normal BNC input connectors. Look at the pictures!
The HP 54701A Active Probe has input resistance of 100 k Ohms, Input capacitance £0.6 pF , and Division Ratio 10:1.
When used with Bandwidth Maximum sensitivity
The HP 54006A Passive 50-W Divider Probe Input resistance 500 W (10:1) or 1000 W (20:1)
Input capacitance Typically 250 fF , Division Ratio 10:1 or 20:1
When used with Bandwidth Maximum sensitivity
HP 54711A 1.5 GHz 20 mV/div (10:1) or 40 mV (20:1)
HP 54712A 1.1 GHz 10 mV/div (10:1) or 20 mV (20:1)
HP 54721A 1.1 GHz 10 mV/div 10:1) or 20 mV (20:1)
HP 10430A 1-MW Passive Probe Input resistance 1 MW Input capacitance £6.5 pF
When used with Bandwidth Maximum sensitivity
! Note the 54714 is a multiplexed (2 channel) 54713A so if you had four 54713A’s you could have eight channels
! Note there is also a 54718A EXT trigger plug-in which can be used for Ext triggering
I will package the items then add the actual cost to your invoice.
Contact me for fair resolution on any problems.
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54720D 4 gsa/s 1.1 ghz bandwidth (beats infinnium) 54720D 4 gsa/s 1.1 ghz bandwidth (beats infinnium) 54720D 4 gsa/s 1.1 ghz bandwidth (beats infinnium) 54720D 4 gsa/s 1.1 ghz bandwidth (beats infinnium) 54720D 4 gsa/s 1.1 ghz bandwidth (beats infinnium)