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Hitachi EC2510E 5.5 hp gas twin pontoon compressor

What is for sale: Hitachi EC2510E 5.5 hp gas twin pontoon compressor
Hitachi EC2510E 5.5 HP Honda Gas 8-Gallon Air Compressor
Hitachi EC2510E 5.5 HP Honda Gas 8-Gallon Air Compressor-factory reconditioned; excellent running order, may show some cosmetic wear. Twin tanks and powerful Honda GX160 5.5 HP Gas motor will handle all your compressed air needs!
Hitachi, the real man's choice in professional power tools.
* Solid cast iron cylinder provides industry recognized premium material for long life, consistent compression and low oil carryover
* Baseplate integrated control panel protects the gauge, regulator and plumbing while centralizing the controls for simple operation
* Oversized oil level site glass allows everyone to monitor the oil level for the pump avoiding pump damage due to lock up from inadequate oil supply
* Pneumatic throttle control, that uses air instead of a cable to adjust the throttle, eliminates the common failure of cable throttles due to crimping and breaking
* Full-size 3/8" locking regular comes pre-installed
* Ball valve tank drains makes required tank draining comfortable and convenient
* Oil Level Sight Glass: Oversized
* Oil Level Indicator: Sight Glass
* Engine Throttle Control: Pneumatic
These units are in excellent working order and they have been tested, inspected and/or serviced by Hitachi Factory Service Technicians. Please see attached pictures.
If you have any questions feel free to call us here at (***)255-6670.
If you have any special requests and or questions don't hesitate to contact us at Don't forget to include the name & item number in your communications.
* All items sold within or to California must add an additional 8.25% Sales Tax to the selling price.
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