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Motorola competible 4-port multi-function gprs router

What is for sale: Motorola competible 4-port multi-function gprs router
Motorola Competible 4-Ports Multi-Function GPRS Router
With Motorola G24 GPRS module build in, 900/1800 Dual Band. +5VDC, +7.5 to 26VDC Optional.
Come with SMA Antenna(2.5m), RJ45 cable, Power Adapter.
Requirements towards information system are varied because of different features of numerous industrial applications. Mobile telecom service providers are required to provide industrial application solutions not only meeting common specifications and also individual special ones. Hence, the manufactuere of this device co-operates with mobile service providers to design products and network configurations suitable to industrial end users’ individualized applications. The Manufacturer of this device has developed embedded, advanced and reliable Galaxy mobile GPRS router for the applications.
GPRS network theoretically can provide a maximum bandwidth 171.2Kbps, actually; it works at 40~100Kbps bandwidth (it depends on service provider’s operation policy). As we know, GPRS is packet based network which provides TCP/IP communication channel.
EDGE stands for Enhanced Data Rate for GSM Evolution, it is capable of offering data rates of 384 kbps and, theoretically, of up to 473.6 kbps. A new modulation technique and error-tolerant transmission methods, combined with improved link adaptation mechanisms, make these EGPRS rates possible. This is the key to increased spectrum efficiency and enhanced applications, such as wireless Internet access, e-mail and file transfers.
Since manufacturer of this device has many years experience of mobile data communication, it proves that this manufacturer's products are widely applied and work stably. Galaxy family router is a dedicated ideal data transmission channel for industrial applications. It can be operated at GPRS network by selecting a different radio module.
1) Built-in 4-ports fast Ethernet switch: With the built-in 4-ports fast Ethernet switch, H7930 Router supports 4-LAN+DMZ topology. It brings the convenience and benefit for SoHo users and industry applications.
2) Non host support: Normally, GPRS can be connected to a PC, and then dial an access number manually; it utilizes the PC resources to process the data transmission and protocol conversion. H7930 router is an embedded platform built-in with a processor, RTOS, protocol stack and application software. It works automatically without host PC.
3) Always online: H7930 Router will automatically attach to GPRS when it is powered on, and then set up a transmission channel.
4) Toll on traffic: Router can be configured to work always online; it is charged according to traffic.
5) High speed: Maximum GPRS bandwidth can be 171.2Kb/s, only 40~100Kb/s can be reached at actual application. However, the bandwidth will depends the operator's policy.
6) Routing and NAT functions: H7930 router provides routing table and NAT function; it is an ideal solution for branch office connection or SOHO application.
7) Simple and flexible to use: H7930 router is a powerful and easy to used device. It is easy to build your own private mobile data network.
* Ease to use, reliable and flexible
* Support dual band GPRS network
* Support multiple protocol conversion
* Support data center communication
* Transparent data transmission
* Support virtual private data network
* Ethernet or RS-232/485 interface
* Self-diagnostic and alarm output
* Support radio network data envelope counting
* Ethernet or dial-up network routing (Backup)
* WEB/Telnet management interface
* Local/remote firmware upgrade
* Local/remote TFTP firmware upgrade
* Local/remote profiles backup and retrieve
* Complied with SMG31bis specifications
* Serial data interface: RS-232(DCE) or RS-485
* Serial data rate: 300 to 115,200 bits/s
* Ethernet: 4x10/100BaseT/RJ45
* Configuration interface: WEB/RS-232
* Voltage: +5VDC(+7.5~12VDC Optional)
* Operation temperature: -10~+50ºC
* Related humidity: 95%(non-condensing)
* If you have any technical problem or quality issue with the product, please contact us within 30 days of receiving the product for exchange or refund (exclude S&H). No risk, guaranteed!
* We are a well known distributor in China, let us help you source and reduce cost on quality products!
* Thank you for looking. If you have any questions, please drop us a note
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Motorola competible 4-port multi-function gprs router Motorola competible 4-port multi-function gprs router