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Industrial hot water pressure washer

What is for sale: Industrial hot water pressure washer
Pressure Washers Specifications:
* 8 HP Electric Motor 230/460 3 PH
* Propane or Natural Gas Fired Burner
* 50 FT Of High Pressure Hose
* Stainless Steel Frame And Housing
* Pressure And Termperature Gauge
* Chemical Mixing Tank For High Pressure Phosphating
High Pressure Spray Wand Phosphating
This high pressure, hot water phosphating pressure washer is industrial grade. Clean, degrease and phosphate your large metal prodcuts in one step for increased paint adheasion and corrosion resistance. Added with our CPR System recycling equipment you would have the ability to recycle your phosphate wash bash reclaiming your chemical bath for further use and bringing your metal pretreatment into environmental compliance. * non stainless, powder coated machines are availbale at a reduced price.
Increase your paint adheasion, corrosion resistance and salt spray test times. Visit for information on a full CPR System. Spray wand phosphating with recycling. If you have any questions feel free to contact George Podell or Dan Pinter at 800/897-7515.
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Industrial hot water pressure washer Industrial hot water pressure washer