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(10) 6202ZZ-5/8" shielded ball bearings, 5/8" x 35 mm

What is for sale: (10) 6202ZZ-5/8" shielded ball bearings, 5/8" x 35 mm
BRAND NEW lot of 10 PIECES of bearing number 6202ZZ-5/8". This is a quality metric ball bearing in a very common size for many HVAC & industrial applications. Each bearing is shielded on both sides with metal shields to protect the bearing from dust or possible contamination. The bearings are made from Chrome Steel, meet or exceed ABEC-1 tolerances, and come in the industry standard, C3 clearance. They are pre-lubricated with Chevron SRI-2, which has a temperature range of -20 to +350 degrees F. These bearings have Static Load Rating (while at rest or rotating at less than 10rpm) of 805 pounds and a Dynamic Load Rating (rotating at speeds greater than 10rpm) of 1740 pounds.
CLICK HERE for a COMPLETE LIST of the standard bearings I carry.
We have literally thousands of bearings available. All of them are NEW. We do NOT carry "seconds" or used bearings.
If you are having trouble locating the part# or size that you need, just ask. We probably have it, or can get it.
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