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Motorola gp 300 vhf hand radio

What is for sale: Motorola gp 300 vhf hand radio
This is a 16ch Motorola GP 300 with brand new unused leather swivel case,Clip on extension mic,Clip on ear phone,and 2 batteries with many years left.Radio in awesome condition,currently programmed to Fresno,Co California Fire and CDF plus tac and calcord HEAR FIRENET. Can be reprogrammed for cheap or get software and do it yourself.Lots of info on this. I just paid $25 for all the programming.146-174MHZ 5-6 watts output.Here are some reviews from
I've been using a UHF GP300 for about 3 months now. Very solid, dependable communication. I have other HTs, but this is the one which I carry and use everyday because its so rugged and just works. I use mine with a leather swivel holster, rapid charger, and 2 batteries. Works great. The holster & rapid charger are worthwhile accessories. Motorola has a winner with this one
If you need a workhorse radio that doesn't understands words like "Fail" or "Quit" or in need of a doorstop or a hammer to drive a nail in to a wall, then get a GP300!
A commersial tranceiver that beats this legendary item (the worlds most sold HT!) has never been built and will never be
Refurbish kits sold here all the time but this radio doesnt need one,its in like new shape with a brand new unused case
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