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New focus 2011 200-khz front-end photoreceiver

What is for sale: New focus 2011 200-khz front-end photoreceiver
Information - Questions? Call (***)-253-6114 Ask for Chip or Trip
It features features low-noise detectors, variable-gain transimpedance amplifiers, and two adjustable filters. The DC√∑30 setting prevents your signal from going off-scale due to DC amplitude fluctuations, without attenuating fast signals. The high-pass filter can be adjusted to eliminate residual 60-Hz noise, and the independent low-pass filter can be set to dampen noisy signals. Variable gain of up to 90 dB in 10-dB steps gives you a useful input range from 1 pW to 10 mW.
This unit has the following specifications:
* Wavelength Range: 900 - 1700 nm
* 3-dB Bandwidth, Typical: 200 kHz
* Maximum Conversion Gain: 1.9x10 to the 7 V/W
* Typical Maximum Responsivity: 1.0 A/W
* Maximum Transimpedance Gain: 18.8x10 to the 6 V/A
* cw Saturation Power: 10 mW @ 1600 nm
* Detector Material/Type: InGaAs/PIN
* Power Requirements: Two internal 9-V batteries
This item is in excellent condition, working perfectly, and comes with a 14 Day Guarantee Against DOA.
Our 14 Day Guarantee Against DOA (Dead On Arrival) does not guarantee compatibility.
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Bank Wire - Contact for Information
Bank Wire - Contact for Information
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