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New 46 assorted round thread cutting dies 6-32 thru 1"

What is for sale: New 46 assorted round thread cutting dies 6-32 thru 1"
This is a mixed lot, not a complete set
All of these are adjustable round thread cutting dies
The majority are quality import and a few premium USA
Item(s) described above and exactly what's pictured
We have acquired a large inventory of new
high quality name brand American made precision and machine tools.
We are selling entire lots of these items at 50 to 75% below current retail prices.
We will do our best to accurately describe the items included.
Some of these lots are so large and varied that we can't list every single item.
We'll give enough information on these lots so you'll have a good idea of what's included.
Most of these are quite common tools that you use everyday, others are quite obscure.
Lots of items are being added to our store on a daily basis.
All kinds of precision measuring, machining, tooling and grinding equipment, it's worth a look
Click here to see these items in our store
Bookmark the page and check back often.
A little more about our Tool Business.
The best way to find out more is at our About Me Page.
It has some good info and links to more about us. Also, If you need more than we have listed please contact us.There is a good Chance we have more.
We have a good stock of brand name Telco / Electrical tools and can Create a listing with a custom made set according to your personal needs.
We can easily change sizes and / or Colors to your specifications if in stock. We also have many other Compatable Professional tools including crimpers, Dies, cutters, and hydraulic pumps (both battery powered and 115VAC) that may not be listed here but available in my Store.
Please call (***)-937-9300 from 8 am to 5 pm Central M-F to discuss your options
To make your purchase as simple and easy as possible, please refer to the store policies listed below.
All Items are described to the best of our Ability
If you find items not as described, contact us immediately
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Contact (Alfred Valenzuela) for more information. Your emails will be instantly forwarded to the poster's private address.

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New 46 assorted round thread cutting dies 6-32 thru 1