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30INT vertical milling head

What is for sale: 30INT vertical milling head
a used but good condition vertical milling head,the internal taper is in good condition with no rust,the other taper has had some surface rust but in quite good condition still,the mating face is unmarked,i was told the tapers are 30 int,the thread is sound and the bearings/gears feel fine,the head has not been knocked about,i dont know which machine this would have fitted,it is approx 8" long,dia of face is approx 6",depth from face to front is approx 4",it is quite heavy but any excess post would be refunded,any questions i will try to answer,thanks for looking.A friend has measured the internal taper the sizes are appromately 1 13/16" dia x 1 3/4" long x 3/4" dia,i hope this helps as i dont know what tooling fits
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30INT vertical milling head 30INT vertical milling head