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New standard abrasives 531312 5"-36 grit disc-LOTOF19

What is for sale: New standard abrasives 531312 5"-36 grit disc-LOTOF19
You are looking at a LOT of 19 NEW Standard Abrasives 531312
5" X 7/8" 36 grit C/O Pinnacle R/F Q/ grinding discs
Applications: Best for cool, rapid stock removal on all heat-sensitive metals, including Stainless Steel and High Nickel Aloys. Highest edge durability in the industry. Edge deburring and blending. Weld removal on fabricated Stainless steel. Heavy flash and parting line removal on castings. Grinding heavy machine tool marks. Grind and blending welds on large turbine blades. Use on Stainless Steel, Aluminum, High Nickel Alloys, Steel, Titanium.
Features: Pinnacle Resin Fiber grain. High ratio blend ceramic Oxide grain. Heavy, durable fiber backing. Self-lubricating grinding layer..
Benefits: Easy grain regeneration. Highest durablility of premium discs. Fastest stock removal of premium discs. Ceramic grain for cutting. Aluminum Oxide for support grain. Superior grain support. Ideal for prolonged stock removal. Reduces heat during grinding process. Reduces glazing, loading and stripping.
This is new inventory - never sold -
Questions???...Call 1-(***)-748-1945
5) INVENTORY- All items are subject to prior sale. If we run out of something we will give an immediate refund. We ask your patience and forgiveness. We would do the same for you.
7) WARRANTIES. All power tool warranties are through the manufacturer of the tool and dated sales receipt will be required at a service center in your area. OTHER WARRANTIES: Most of our hand tools carry lifetime warranties. CALL US!!
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New standard abrasives 531312 5 New standard abrasives 531312 5